Rapid Response Plumbing and Heating-Legionella Risk Assesment 

Landlords have an obligation to help combat Legionnaires disease. Health and safety regulations state that you must carry out regular checks to ensure that levels of legionella do not become dangerous or harmful in anyway. Legionnaires disease is a form of pneumonia caused by Legionnela bacteria, this can cause hospitalisation in alot of cases and in some extreme cases death. 
What causes legionella is contaminated water being breathed in so ensuring that your water systems are not contaminated is an obligation of the landlord. Legoinella bacteria needs two things to thrive which are: a water temperature between 20 to 45 degrees celcius and impurities such as rust or limescale which acts as a food source for the bacteria. Air conditioning systems and areas where water may lay stagnant are high risk.

Our legionella risk assesment end up with us awarding a certificate to prove that the water system has been checked by profesionals. New legislation states that landlords must have a competent individual go ahead with a risk assement to ensure that there are no risk areas and that currently there is no contamination. 


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